Amshuhu is a software development & consultancy firm run by software professionals having extensive experience in the field of IT. Involved in product development, with a highly talented and energetic team,using opensource technologies like ACE TAO, JBoss, MySQL, STRUTS,Tomcat, CORBA, PHP, J2EE, .Net, Alfresco, JacORB, Linux, XML. We are committed to provide high quality solution using cutting edge technologies on time and within budget. We have expertise in varying fields like e-Commerce, m-Commerce, Insurance,ERP and Financial sector.

In its forte, it has an online booking portal for the travel, transportation and hospitality sector. It allows operators of various industries to customize their operations according to their needs. It is an integarted solution, where the hoteliers, travel operators, frieght operators,banks etc., leverage maximum gain out of it. Apart from that Amshuhu has developed an ERP project for the manufacturing sector,Spinning mills,. It is an integrated online ERP solution across all the branches of an organization. Please click the link to have an overview of our ERP solution and ERP Overview.

Vision & Mission: To take IT to the masses. To computerize businesses which are not even thought about by others. Business Ethics: Trust , Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency in our transaction form the core of our business.