iSteer Incentive

Strategically designed to assist you induce additional quantitative growth. Individual performance towards organizational development goals. Intime visibility of incentives help to improve the sales team morale and actions

Incentive programs assist you to earmark business objectives and capture effective individual performance towards structure development goals.


iSteer incentive modules focus on the real values of sales activities. This incentive Solutions arms you and your sales groups with the tools, sales data and analytics you wish to increase sales.

We have developed an incentive program management solution for distributors  that focuses on increasing sales and enables them to drive behaviors that increase sales.

We assimilate all the goals for the best way to execute an incentive plan to meet the company’s distinctive needs by setting target-specific KPIs and versatile incentive arrangements.

This tool motivates employees to increase product knowledge and sell confidently. Real-time tracking is available for users with full access through reports and analytics. This solution provides visibility into the connection between performance and earnings, which promotes clear accountability associated with sales and excellence.

This application can simplify the sales operations processes and provide better control over commission payment and earnings across multiple schemes.

Main features of the application Performance

  • Target verses sales tracking
  • Quick points
  • Annual / Monthly / Weekly target
  • Incentive plan 
  • Achievement display 
  • Suggestion to maximize incentive
  • Incentive summary
  • 2-way communication 
  • All Post
  • Sales Team management
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Shell ICAM – lain Methven

Saves Time - no need to ask or chase for KPI's Helps focus on specifics - sector, products, KPI's Makes internal/ external MILO's more effective Strengths Trust & Collaboration Increases Accountability Provides a fantastic platform for success

Shell ICAM - lain Methven

Shell – Sujatha Rao

SAMi project has been selected for the Executive Choice Award this time! Congrats to all of you and your team for all the effort and agility you have shown in making this happen !! Looking forward to achieving many more such milestones in the future.  

Shell - Sujatha Rao