Our Sales Channel Modules improve conversion rates, revenue, and accelerate the sales cycle

Retention may be a key facet of growing any business


The pre-sales module provides information at various levels of management for assessing the market potential, product demand in different market segments, and stock planning. This application is global marketing in reach and scope. It is a professional business management module to increase the efficiency and speed of distributors’ decision makers and their executing team.


 Pre-sales solution has two integrated platforms, Mobile and Web application which provides easy access for collection of market information and in return provides information and data for the easy execution of plans and conversion of opportunities into actions. The objective is to increase the coverage and data quality to build a ‘‘Global Unified B2B platform. 


The solutions is already being used across many regions,  and markets, serving B2B distributors. Thousands of users and local teams manage potential customers to analyze and build volume pipeline size.


The Pre-sales module is a tool to collect information in real time from the market on opportunities, new developments, expansion of customer base, etc. The data collected is analyzed and presented to the decision-makers, distributors, and their team for more informed and data-driven decision-making about set targets, the addition of new customers, the launch of new products and SKUs, planning of marketing activities, and training needs of the distributor’s team.


  • Equips staff with proper tools, knowledge, and standard processes to maximize every sales opportunity
  • Improves sales productivity and drives discipline via connected, fully automated, and, real time platforms
  • Provides ready KPI reports to be  more effective, in data analysis and lead evaluation
  • Helps to maintain the Pipeline Sufficiency via ‘’Lead Campaign Management Module & Pardot Integration’’
  • Automates and enables real time data consolidation / KPI calculation
  • Pipeline Gap reminders for the teamx
  • Sharable Coverage Peneration Throughput (CPT ) Report


  • Reduces time consuming activities of the sales team
  • Monitored the performance of all  Sales representatives & Branches in a dashboard
  • Gives the opportunity to sales managers to coach the sales representatives.
  • Helps target the correct customers
  • Provides remaining target and pipeline gap reminders for the team
  • Records & Review the keynotes of the important calls
  • Increases accountability, trust, and collaboration. Saves Time!
  • Includes standard reports for the heads 
  • Reduces time consuming activities of the sales tea

The post sales module is a tool to analyze the performance and to plan further activities on the enlargement of client base, promotional activities on products / SKU, and motivation of front line employees and distributors.

Brand Post-Sales


Shell ICAM – lain Methven

Saves Time - no need to ask or chase for KPI's Helps focus on specifics - sector, products, KPI's Makes internal/ external MILO's more effective Strengths Trust & Collaboration Increases Accountability Provides a fantastic platform for success

Shell ICAM - lain Methven

Shell – Sujatha Rao

SAMi project has been selected for the Executive Choice Award this time! Congrats to all of you and your team for all the effort and agility you have shown in making this happen !! Looking forward to achieving many more such milestones in the future.  

Shell - Sujatha Rao