iSteer CRM

Integrates with your platform, making it easy to build customer relationships and collate sales knowledge.

Clean layout, distinctive options that assist lead conversion.

iSteer gives you real-time sync of information with fast installation. Includes  comprehensive out-of-the-box options and preferences  as well as possible customization.

This solution manages sales leads, email campaigns, client analytics, deal forecasts, and alternative tasks. Use this solution to simply compare merchandise, and check the options. The solution automates sales workflows and helps businesses capture additional leads.

iSteer offers modules for

  • Sales leads capture 
  • Email campaigns
  • Customer analytics
  • Deal forecasts
  • Contact management
  • Sales activity tracking
  • Lead and opportunity management
  • Forecasting analytics
  • Marketing automation
  • Partner integrations

Our simplified, industrial solutions have industry functionality built in. We make it easier for you to support unique customer needs and grow your business.

Auto Spare Parts Distributors Solutions

iSteer sophisticated algorithm to deal with the spare parts inventory efficiently. It helps you categorize, arrange, code, organize, and identify the stocks effortlessly.

Industrial Distributors Solutions

  • All Post
  • Sales Team management
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iSteer – Insight

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iSteer – Sales Channel

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iSteer D Connect

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iSteer – Aggregator

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