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6 Things You Can Do to Empower Your Channel to Sell More

High-performing distributors and resellers owe their strong sales numbers to efficient management, rich experience, and proven strategies. However, as distributor and sales channels become complex, companies find it harder to drive maximum outcomes from their distribution network.  

What they need is a powerful approach to optimise their sales channel outcomes while empowering the distributors and resellers. But how can they achieve this quickly?

This article will map out the six ways through which you can empower your channel to sell more.

6 Ways You Can Improve Your Sales Channel to Increase Revenue

1. Improve Distribution Capabilities

To drive more efficiency into everyday operations, you need to incorporate intelligent automation into them. This makes distributors and resellers spend more time on sales and less on manual operations like documentation. 

For instance, a rich mobile application can help sales teams carry out their tasks seamlessly. Be it route planning, recording purchases, or other promotional activities, a mobile app can support the teams with rapid sales. Such automation solutions lead to better sales productivity and ultimately drive more revenue as your partners have more time to spend on reaching their milestones. 

2. Provide Real-Time Insights for Better Performance

Data-driven insights form the basis of making crucial business decisions that help you stay ahead of your competition. To increase ROI, you need to understand the ever-changing market trends and customer behaviour patterns.

Invest in a tool that collects real-time data from all areas, such as sales, marketing, finance, and operations, to gain valuable insights. With this, your distributors and sales teams better understand their buyers’ journeys and are better equipped to make more accurate decisions. Altogether, these insights become integral to boosting overall performance. 

3. Include Incentive Programs to Boost Morale

Although most channel sales already have incentive programs in place, they are often inefficient and do not provide the intended value. Incentive management programs should be backed by proper metrics and strategies that encourage the distributors to optimise their performance.

Incentives keep your distributors motivated and on their toes to pursue their sales goals. But in the end, the incentives should also meet the company’s goals. To that end, having a clear-cut, well-researched incentive plan beforehand can help bridge any gaps between rewards and business goals.  

A well-defined program builds your incentive plan to continuously meet your company needs and target KPIs and suggests ways to maximise incentive outcomes. 

4. Share Resources and Encourage Continuous Learning

Make learning fun in your sales enablement. Prioritising continuous learning helps your partners sharpen their skills and use their analytical aptitude to increase sales. 

Curate training programs with upgraded content, share resources that help add revenue, create quizzes, assessments, learning materials, and more. These provide knowledge for your channel partners and act as performance boosters. 

5. Enable Seamless Distribution Connection

To carry out efficient business operations, it is crucial to let your distributor and resellers stay well-connected to their customers. And this is not an easy feat if executed physically.

But by using a smart, digital solution for your distributors and resellers, you can cut down on manual monitoring efforts and double down on revenue. An automated solution enables your distributors or resellers to spend less time on redundant, routine tasks such as monitoring, follow-ups, tracking payments, and more.

6. Using Data Aggregation to Make Distributor Strategies and Plans

Data aggregation helps provide accurate and presentable statistics by collecting existing business data. These are essential for decision makers to create distributor strategies and plans that boost marketing efforts.

An advanced aggregator solution can collect your raw data from multiple sources and turn it into business intelligence that brings your partners more sales. As such, it allows your marketing teams to identify patterns and react to changing market trends instantly.

The Bottom Line

Refining the sales channel to bring in more revenue is not an easy task. You should re-evaluate your existing methods and constantly optimise the sales approaches through smart investment in the right tools. While doing so, remember that fostering open communication with the distributors and resellers is crucial to seeing results faster.

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